Cambodia Escort Service

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At Cambodia Melty Kiss and Massage Agency, guests satisfaction are always a guarantee. That is because we constantly upgrading our services to meet all your requirement. One of the most important service we offer is the safety of our guest. By making sure that all our escort girls have been through a proper and regular check-up, we can be sure that all of them are perfectly clean and free from all illness, hence as our guest, you can be worry free. 


Since most of our guests are tourist from foreign country, to save you some trouble and time trying to look for us, we usually do Special Tour with our Escort Girls.  But please do call us 1 week in advance to confirm your tour booking & make half payment thru the Western Union. 


Advance on-line booking service is for you who are about to visit Cambodia, to reserve an escort girl of your choice and giving us some time to arrange, reserve and deliver her to you once you are here.


Special arrangement service is for day and overnight booking service, where you can bring our escort girl out to dinner, karaoke lounge, pub and discotheque as companionship. 


Thank you for continuously supporting our company, to show gratitude to our value guest like you. 




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